About Qe

QUiDessential is a place for creatives to get a fix of…well, all things creative! A verbal and visual array of the beautiful quirky madness of my everyday life.

3 responses to “About Qe

  1. brent

    Hello Ladyfriend! I love you.

    Lovingly, Your Husband


  2. amy

    Hi Heather,

    I would like to know if you can make a corset for me, with the design of a purple heart? I hope you will get an idea of which corset i am talking about by reading the following quoted email. Where is your store located? I am in NYC, wondering if you’re in NYC, I’d love to go to your store and you’ll have my measurements.

    > Sent by QUID on August 30, 2009:
    > Hello Yiyi!
    > It’s super to hear from you! I would be happy to make your friend a special little corset. Do you have her measurements? Oh, and is she wanting the heart design just like yours or something a bit different (so that you could wear them out together)? Can’t wait for details!
    > xoxo,
    > Heather
    > https://quidessential.wordpress.com

  3. Amy – I sent you an email with some details! Thanks for inquiring about some custom work again!

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