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Happy Fifth

our wedding partyour ceremony

So today happens to be the 5th anniversary since the boy and me were married. He’s been super sweet today, I must say. I woke up to little love post its around the house (even on the milk carton). Then, when I finally got around to running errands, I found another note, complete with an erickson beamon ring I’ve been coveting for months. To top it off, our wedding song “Clocks” by Coldplay was playing in my CD player. He’s a winner, I tell you!


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Bathing Beauties

There’s nothing like memorial day weekend to bring on thoughts of an era gone by. War heros and pin up girls…could there be anything better? Perhaps a classy swimsuit or two!

memorial day swim copy

From top left: Swimsuit by Its Bella; Silver Heels, QUiD; Halter Suit, Fox and His Friends; Headband, QUiD


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Haute Seat: Birdie

It’s not often I get to simply attend a craft show. Usually, I’m in the mix creating, setting up, tearing down and generally getting no sleep. So how lucky was I that this month I was able to visit the indie craft fair Deluxe, to shop. While I was there I met the cutest girl with the most adorable sense of style. I thought you should meet her.

Her Name is Katie M Huskerson. Her shop is The Birdie’s Nest. Her fashion sense is impeccable.
Perfect Summer Attire!

Perfect Summer Attire!


QUiD: If you could design alongside anyone, who would it be?
Katie: My mom. She is an amazing seamstress. She made all 11 of my bridesmaids dresses from a vintage Vogue pattern! She’s pretty awesome!

Qe: What do you do when you’re not doing your craft?
K: Riding bicycles with my husband Tyler, working in my garden, projects for our nearly 90 year old home…

Qe: Have you quit your day job?
K: In addition to sewing cotton clothes and accessories, I work part time at my families flower shop and greenhouses. I also do floral design for weddings and events. My day job is a conglomeration of a lot of little jobs that make my life feel creative and full.

Qe: If you could live anywhere, at any point in time, where would it be?
K: 18th century England…Jane Austen’s era

Qe: How would you describe your style?
K: Feminine and casual with lots of 1950s inspiration.

Qe: What’s the coolest piece of clothing you own?
K: Can I say an accessory? I treasure my engagement ring. Tyler designed it and used diamonds that had been his grandmother Kitty’s. I never had the priviledge of meeting her, but Tyler’s grand dad, Horace always had a twinkle in his eyes when he talked about the first time he saw her and how they fell in love. He passed away less than a week after we got engaged, so I treasure that I have something that was a symbol of their relationship.

Qe: Where do you see your business in the future?
K: My goal is to have a brick and mortar store within the next two years! Birdie will specialize in stylish and timeless, environmentally and socially responsible clothing and home decor. My great grandmother moved to Oklahoma from South Africa with some violets and orchids and built a business that continues to provide a vocation for her third and fourth generations. It’s in my blood to be an entrepreneur. I am so thankful to have such a supportive husband, family and community of friends that continue to encourage me to go my own way.

Qe: What’s your favorite thing you’ve created?
I really like my Blossom Skirts…they are super comfy. I pull one on with a tank top and some Toms and I’m ready to work, meet for lunch, go to the Farmer’s Market….perfect for hot Oklahoma summers.

Be Sure To Visit Katie at her Shop and her Blog!


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Going Global: The LOVE Campaign

kristinit 1kristinit 2














Something quite wonderful happens when you combine beautiful independant fashion with responsible design. Today, that wonder is Kristinit. Named Lucky Magazine’s “One to Watch”, Kristina Lenss is the girl behind The Love Campaign, the newest collection for fall.

When asked about the line’s new holistic approach to high fashion, Lenss says, “The LOVE Campaign was inspired by a desire to introduce a more integrated approach to designing and manufacturing a high collection.” Continuing, “This collection is about complementing the beauty of women with the beauty of sustainability — without sacrificing style.”

The collection embraces versatility and elegance. The 30’s-era classicism of knee-grazing hemlines and belted day dresses play hopscotch with Victorian demureness and Faye Dunaway ’60’s chic. Through collaboration with design consultant Zoë Melo, custom lace pieces handmade by artisan weavers in Brazil are one of the line’s most swoon-worthy details.

From black-and-white Indian silk motifs to hourglass silhouettes and nipped waistlines, the LOVE Campaign is indeed supremely ladylike—and oh-so-easy to fall in love with.

Visit their website for details on how to get your fingers on these eco-luxe fashions!




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Renegade Design

jimmie martin collageOh! Dear Sirs, I’m afraid you’ve made me blush!

 Furniture by Jimmie Martin Ltd


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I wish to wear…

heidimerrick cropshot copy

Have a special occasion, date or other such outing and not sure what to wear? We’d love to help inspire! Send your story to QUiDessential and let us do the picking for you.

xoxo, QUiD

Dress: Heidi Merrick



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I have to admit I may be a bit obsessed. Since the kittens arrival on monday, I have feline fever (no, it’s not like swine flu…yes, it is contagious)! Here are just a few of the many, MANY pictures I’ve taken of them. Oh, and I’ve still got three who will need a good home. Just in case you’re interested…

kitties 1 copy

kitties 2

Oh! And if you’re looking for something fun to do this weekend, you should check out Deluxe, a local craft show with loads of goodies. Perfect if you haven’t found a lovely gift for mother’s day!




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Celeb Hair Accessories

So I’ll concede that without Blaire, the sweet bow headband may never have made a comeback. And credit Nicole (or Paris) for the hippie headband. Whether we like it or not, celebs are often fearless leaders of a fashion statement. Here are a few who got it right.


I love retro-esque hair accessories and would wear them every day (I often do)! When do you like to wear a pretty in your hair?


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We’ve had quite the weekend! Our friends, megan and jordan got married on friday (so cute…pics to follow). Then crazy house hunting on saturday. Then last night when we got home, the community hooker (a.k.a. our apartment stray cat), Dirty Harriet, was laying all sick-like on our doormat. Did I mention she’s prego? yeah…

After pulling out a box and a superman sheet (junk store find for such occasions), we got Harriet settled in the old storage/laundry room. This morning, I peeped in on her and saw three extra faces looking out at me. Mama looked up at me like, “where the hula were you?!” Then she laid back to show off the new little ones all black (or gray…it’s dark in there) with tiny white faces. I LOVE baby kitties!

Needless to say, if you know someone who would like a sweet baby kitten, I have a few! You just have to pinky swear you’ll have them spayed or neutered…which is where mama stray is heading after this debacle!

So today, in honor of the new arrivals, enjoy!


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Here Comes Wedding Season

Ahhh…isn’t it lovely when really cool people decide to tie the knot? I think so. Tonight, two of the coolest kids on the block are kicking off wedding season by getting hitched and I can’t wait! I thought I’d give you a hint of what it might look like (they’re arguably some of the most indie peeps I know).


 Top Wear: Headband, QUiD; Earrings, South Wind Design; Cufflinks, edm designs; Tie, Toybreaker

To Give: Mustache Mug, Bread and Badger; Cake Plate, JMN Pottery; UK Pillows, Naked Decor; Wall Hanging, Define Your Space Vinyl

p.s. if you get a sec, take a peep at the grooms fantastic alt-indie clothing line!

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