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Thanks Paper*Cakes

Just a quick little note to let you know QUiD was featured today at the sweetest little blog, Paper*Cakes Finds .

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Look Like an Angel

Of course, by now you know we lost a style icon today. Farrah Fawcett not only possessed the ‘do of the 1970’s, she also looked fab in pretty much anything she put on. So tonight, here’s how you can carry on the legacy of my favorite Angel.


From top left:  Hair Rollers, Unix Electronics; Vintage Jeans, Shop Good Grace; Lipgloss in ‘She’s a Star’, MAC Cosmetics


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About every 2-3 months I get the strongest urge to get out of town. I think perhaps I’m a gypsy.

Hopefully, my new treasury will calm the pull of the road.

Gypsy Caravan by the Sea

Photo via: Emma Bradshaw

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A Total Spectacle

When I was a girl of about 8, my grandmother decided I needed to go to the eyedoctor. Unlike most children, I couldn’t have been happier. I was absolutely terrified that my eyes would be perfect, so on the 2 hour drive there, I did some major staring at the sun. It worked. Several years, and more than a few pairs of eyeglasses later, I curse the fact that I can’t see my clock when I wake up in the morning. My poor eyesight, however, has led me on the quest for a stunning pair of spectacles. Here are a few of my current crushes. If only I could have a new pair for every day of the week!

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Dreaming of Fall

There’s only one thing that gets me through the heat of an Oklahoma Summer: dreaming of fall. Fortunately, that’s pretty easy when you have great designers like Cynthia Rowley pulling together a stunning fall collection (I’ll show you that another day). But what’s even better than that is the surprisingly wearable Resort 2010 line I got a sneak peek of today. Graffiti prints and full skirts in beautiful bold colors make the unbearable heat almost seem worth it!

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Andromache's Deconstruction Blanc

Today I’m feeling torn between the bright and bold versus the soft and subtle. Which path shall I take?

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Hair Wear?

Poisoned Hollywood - 20 Dollar E-Mail Gift Certificate

I’m doing a bit of research today for my newest line of hair accessories coming out this summer.  It’s going to be totally fun and glam with a bit of hollywood drama thrown in.  That being said,  I need your help on the final touches.

Give a girl a hand and take my little poll!

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Bright and Blue: What to wear when you’re sick

I just wrapped up a super busy/great week. I think the lack of sleep and extra stress somehow triggered my allergies, though! I spent most of the day yesterday in bed. Thank God for good allergy medicine!

When I’m feeling peeked, I usually take the oportunity to pull out the brightest color in my closet. Somehow, that makes things better.

bright and blue

from top left: Skirt, Babooshka Boutique; Ninja Tee, Steppie; Bow Ring, Ribbons and Lace

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New Vintage + Baby Kittens

I just finished listing some lovely vitnage gloves in the shop.  I couldn’t resist including this sweet little one in the pictures! He’s getting so big and will need a good home soon. I hope he gets just that.


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